DM Jones

Instructor in beautiful Vancouver, BC

Email: [email protected]

  • Ludic keywords: tabletop gaming, play, game-related affinity groups, game thrifting
  • Language keywords: English, Italian, SLA, linguistics, TESOL
  • Pedagogy keywords: Tabletop GBLT, professional development, teacher cognition

👨‍🏫 Profile

My hat collection keeps growing! These days, the hat that I wear the most is ‘Ph.D. student.’ My research focus is on language teacher professional development and learning related to teaching with games. This hat is a bit too big for my head, but I am hoping that I will grow into it. My other hats include ‘language learner’, ‘language teacher’, ‘researcher’, ‘LLP community member’, ‘gamer’, ‘explorer of connections’, ‘coffee addict’, and ‘partner’. See you at the hat parade!

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📰 Publications

  • Jones, D. M. (2020). Games in the language learning classroom: Is the juice worth the squeeze? Ludic Language Pedagogy (2), 1-36.