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Submission Guidelines About the LLP Playground Inclusivity Statement

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If you want to get a good grounding on what LLP is, we recommend starting with these three papers. Let us know what you think on the LLP Discord.

  1. One game, many approaches: How teachers can use a single game with any teaching methodology
  2. Teaching language and literacy with the pedagogy of multiliteracies: simplified here for teachers and students
  3. How to teach languages with Among Us

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LLP is not only a journal, but a community of practice. We use Discord as "our place to talk and hang out." Participate in discussions such as:
  • Introduce your LLP context,
  • Receive advice from practicing LLPers,
  • Propose and collaborative research projects,
  • Discuss topics related to games, play, language teaching, pedagogy and more,
  • Stay up to date regarding reviewing opportunities (such as any 🆕 playground submissions).
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