Spano. F., York, J., deHaan, J., Bard, R. (2021). One game, many approaches: How teachers can use a single game with any teaching methodology




  • What is this? A set of in-depth examples that frame a single game into different pedagogical approaches.
  • Why did you make it? We felt that the literature on game-based learning lacks examples of HOW to use a game with various methodologies and curricular goals.
  • Who is it for? For teachers that would like to try using games in their language classroom but are stuck in limbo between theory and practice.
  • Why do we need this? We think that practical examples on how to use a game in more than one way might help spread the love for more instances of Ludic Language Pedagogy.
  • What is it not? This is not a paper that promotes MONOPOLY as the best option to teach languages with games.


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