Jonathan deHaan

Associate Professor, University of Shizuoka

Email: [email protected]

  • Ludic keywords: tabletop games, video games, roleplaying games, indie games, social impact games, simulations
  • Language keywords: literacy, texts and discourse, participation, language and society
  • Pedagogy keywords: pedagogy of multiliteracies, game studies, project-based learning, media literacy, experiential learning, transformational teaching, game-based language teaching (GBLT)

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Jonathan is an associate professor in the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Shizuoka. He has been researching and teaching language and literacy with games for 20 years. He is currently exploring the boundaries of teaching language and literacy with and around games with his ongoing pet project, β€œThe Game Terakoya.”

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Edited Books

  • deHaan, J. (Ed.) (2013). Game Camp: Out-of-School Language and Literacy Development. Common Ground Press: Chicago, USA.
  • deHaan, J. (Ed.) (2013). Video Games and Second Language Acquisition: 6 Case Studies. Common Ground Press: Chicago, USA.

Book Chapters

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

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