Representing LLP


This page is a “press kit” of sorts. It’s a place where we are hosting LLP art assets that we hope you will use in your presentations or talks to help spread the word about the journal and hopefully bring more people into our community.

Some quick details:

  • We use the Roboto font on our site and publications.
  • The hexcode for the first L colour is #867ade.
  • The hexcode for the second L colour is #9351b6.
  • The hexcode for the P colour is #b2ec91.
  • The art is created using the PETSCII character set (details).
  • Our website is
  • We are on Twitter at @llpjournal.

✨Right-click on the images to download them✨

This is the standard logo, which has a clear background.

LLP Logo No Background

LLP individual letters

Each of the LLP letters, downloadable by right-clicking and “saving as”

The hexcode colour is #867ade

The hexcode colour is #9351b6

The hexcode colour is #b2ec91

PETSCII art pieces

All of these pieces were created by co-editor James York using the program Petmate.

LLP Street

LLP Street

LLP Mayan style

LLP Mayan

LLP Genesis style

LLP Mayan

LLP Bold slant

LLP Mayan

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