Adam Sheard

Minister of Silly Walks

  • Researcher, instructor at the University of British Columbia
  • Email: [email protected]

  • Ludic keywords: TTRPG, Other Table Top Games, Console Games, PC Games, RPG, D&D
  • Language keywords: English, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Chinese, French
  • Pedagogy keywords: Collaborative, Community-based, Inquiry-based, Scaffolded, Multimodal, Student-centered, Ungrading, Computer Assisted Language Learning

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿซ Profile

My focus is on collaborative, inquiry-based, community driven, student-centered, multimodal, and scaffolded learning. It sounds like a lot of different stuff, but all of these things come together as smooth as the Power Rangers Megazord (the original one with the dinosaurs and the DRAGONZORD, none of that new-age power ranger junk, thank you). That being said, I am the lead designer and co-founder of the Collaborative Learning Notes project (, a free online web-based platform that helps teachers do all of the stuff I just mentioned. My dream is to continue building CLNotes into a platform that will help the entire education field catch up to our pedagogical best practice theories (finally), and ultimately provide high quality accessible education to every person on our planet!

Like a fine mullet, I am all business up top and party in the backโ€ฆ and that rough disheveled magnificent messy back part is my obsession and love of games and pop culture. Those that know me know that these are the media contexts that I really enjoy cramming all of that pedagogical jargon I listed into. That is what brought me here to the LLP!

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