River Swayne

Associate Editor: Playgrounds

Email: [email protected]

  • Ludic keywords:
    • Minecraft, VR, Simulation, Roleplaying, Multiplayer games
  • Language keywords:
    • Japanese, English, Spanish
  • Pedagogy keywords:
    • General education, VR learning, Minecraft + MinecraftEDU, virtual “full immersion” concepts

👨‍🏫 Profile

Apprentice of James York’s, class helper in Kotoba Miners, long-time learner of Japanese, recently was a moderator for EVOLLP22. What can I say really? Around two years ago in the summer time, I was so inspired by the return of a certain Minecraft-centered Japanese class, that I had actually remembered my love for the “Language.” I stuck around, made several friends that I’m super grateful for, and realized things I never even considered about the “Ludic.” Eventually, I happened upon a community that was like nothing I’d quite imagined before. Thus, I was introduced to the “Pedagogy.” This is only the beginning for me! As I continue to make my way through school, facing huge challenges, and trying my best to improve myself, the people that I meet, the projects that I read about, and the classes that I attend, continue to inspire me. This really has all made me think, about how I think.

💬 Social connections

  • Discord: Rivvi#3760