Teaching English communication skills with Captain Sonar!

Teaching English communication skills with Captain Sonar!


  • Author: James York
  • Peer-reviewed: ❌
  • Date of publication: 2020/04/07
  • Keywords: Step-by-step, Lesson plan, Captain Sonar, Kotoba Rollers, Board game, English, Speaking, CLT, TBLT, Task-repetition
  • Cite: York, J. (2020).Teaching English communication skills with the board game Captain Sonar. Ludic Language Pedagogy(2). 1-11. https://doi.org/10.55853/llp_v2Pg13

Tweet Synopsis

There are few practical guides to teaching specific skills with specific games. This is one. You don’t need computers, or tablets, just a board game which you could make yourself. This is how to put games at the core of your language class. #GBLT #KotobaRollers

Key points

  • πŸ“ What is this? A short, easy-to-read example of my Kotoba Rollers framework for teaching English with the game Captain Sonar.
  • πŸ“ Why did you make it? My Kotoba Rollers walkthrough paper in LLP is a deep dive and covers the whole framework from 10,000m up. With this, I wanted to create a simpler, easily implementable lesson plan around a single game.
  • πŸ“ Who is it for? Teachers that are interested in teaching with games and are looking for a concise, practical and usable guide with a specific game.
  • πŸ“ What’s next? If the reception to this piece is positive, I would like to continue making guides for teaching with various games.

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