• Author: Niall McFadyen
  • Peer-reviewed:
  • Peer-reviewers: D.M. Jones, Evan Bostelmann, Jonathan deHaan, Frederick Poole, Mona Zawdeh
  • Date of publication: 2020/05/31
  • Keywords: Education, Educational technology, Esports, Game-based learning, Gaming, Middle years education, Multimedia production, Student engagement, Teacher narrative
  • Cite: McFadyen, N. (2020). Leveling Up: A Teacher’s Personal Journey of Bringing Video Games Into a School and Classroom. Ludic Language Pedagogy (2), p.86-94.

Tweet Synopsis

A teacher’s narrative on growing up with video games, pursuing graduate studies on gaming in education, and bringing them into school and classroom practice. #gametolearn #gamebasedlearning #edtech #schoolengagement

Key points

  • What is this? This is a description of how I brought video games into my school and classroom over time, influenced by my own experiences and education.
  • Why did you make it? I want to share what I have done with other teachers as it represents my own learning and decision making as a teacher based on my experience and continued education through graduate studies.
  • Who is it for? Teachers, teacher candidates, graduate students, school administrators, other school staff, researchers, and parents.

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