• Author: Niall McFadyen
  • Reviewed by: Judith Buendgens-Kosten, Jonathan deHaan, Blair Matthews, Casey Nedry, Adam Sheard

  • Volume and page numbers: 2 (p. 256 – 268)
  • Date of publication: 2020/10/25
  • Keywords: Asynchronous learning, Game Terakoya, Media literacy, Middle school, Multiliteracies, Remote learning, Teacher narrative, Video games

  • Cite: McFadyen, N. (2020). Games and literacy: Remixes in asynchronous time. Ludic Language Pedagogy (2), 256-268.


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  • What is this? This is a narrative explaining my development of an asynchronous learning activity that used student gameplay as a reflective learning activity targeting media literacy and multiliteracies.
  • Why did you make it? I made it to share my experiences and resources for other teachers and educators while exploring how video games can be used for literacy instruction.
  • Who is it for? Teachers, parents, teacher-candidates, students, and researchers.
  • What other resources did you use and adapt? Jonathan deHaan’s Game Terakoya project.