• Authors: James York
  • Reviewed by: Rosemere Bard, Jonathan deHaan, Marc Jones
  • Volume and page numbers: 3 (p. 60 – 82)
  • Date of publication: 2021/05/14
  • Keywords: Case study, Computer-mediated Communication, Connected learning, Discord, EFL, Emergency remote teaching, Final Fantasy 14, Interview, Journey, Kotoba Rollers, MMORPG, Multiliteracies, Reddit, Social pedagogy, Student perspectives, TBLT, Transformation
  • Cite: York, J. (2021). Creating playgrounds in online teaching spaces: Kanami and Nene’s “hero journeys.” Ludic Language Pedagogy, 3, 60-82.


  • What is this? A case study of two students’ journeys over the span of one year in my English class.
  • Why did you make it?
    • to highlight just how transformative LLP can be for certain students
    • to understand WHY these students excelled
  • Who is it for?
    • Myself: to iterate and improve my teaching
    • Other teachers: to show how to set up an environment in which learners can exceed your expectations


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