• Authors: Terry Fredrickson, Suchart Kevin Lotscher
  • Reviewed by: Rosemere Bard, Jonathan deHaan, D.M. Jones, James York
  • Volume and page numbers: 3 (p. 196 – 204)
  • Date of publication: 2021/12/14
  • Keywords: Consciousness raising, game-based learning, gaming, English for gamers, extracurricular gaming, gaming literacy, language of gaming, teaching with games, Twitch, video games, YouTube, youtuber.
  • Cite: Fredrickson, T. & Lotscher, S.K. (2021). Video gaming: Helping your English learners take control. Ludic Language Pedagogy, 3, 196-204.


  • What is this? Serious suggestions for helping students improve their English in their out-of-class video-gaming time (or their use of other authentic English language content).
  • Why did you make it? Most literature for teachers naturally focuses on in-class activities, but video gamers spend much more time on their games outside of class.
  • Who is it for? Teachers who want to encourage their students to actively use authentic English-language materials outside of class.
  • Why do we need this? The multiplayer video game universe is huge and offers learners a great chance to improve their second-language skills with players from around the world.


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