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Understand students, then teach deliberately. Nothing new, just truth.

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Key points

  • What is this? This is a narrative of my process of trying to make a real difference for and with my students. I describe what I struggled with, how I framed transformation for my context, and how I try to work with students in order to see them change over the course of my teaching projects. I share materials and mediation techniques throughout the narrative and reflection.

  • Why did you make it? I wrote this to give teachers a narrative and some tools to help them shift their game-based teaching to become more focused on their students before, during and after a particular teaching methodology, and to help teachers see more transformation in their students (and perhaps themselves). I also wrote this to help me reflect and to give me a foundation to continue to explore and research concepts such as transformation, agency, mediation and my students’ connections to society.

  • Why is it radical? It closely examines a teacher’s decision-making process in creating a new curriculum and research agenda. It is unique in its exploration of the concept of transformation through game-based language teaching. It frames teachers and students as actors and players in the game-based teaching and learning process.

  • Who is it for? This is for teachers who might be struggling to figure out how to make and see a real difference in their students.

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